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NEW 2015 ID-eApp with Magnetic Strip and Portable 2D reading
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ASk about our New PATENTS
Call 1-800-830-2225 to Download and Activate
TriCom also Manufactures and markets it's own Patented ID-e reader and software separately and together. 
                 TriCom is a trusted reseller of various softwares and market products like the above.
*  Just SCAN or Capture a Image of up to 3 Documents including the Driver License
    PASS PORT and more. .... Prints a BADGE  for Visitor Mgt..
*  VERIFY AGE of your Customer. Remote Server to See data anywhere in the World.
    From any device.
*  FLAG VIP or BANNED ,... Customers...
*  TRACK the TYPE of Customers Visiting Your Venue.
*  NO monthly Fees,..No Cloud, risks.
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TriCom Card Technologies, Inc.
     TriCom has developed marketing for Visitor Mgt.and Age verification for 15 years  and now can introduce the MOST usefull ID scanner system today for:
ID Scanner Products
UV Light Products
Casino Use
O.E.M Card Readers
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Your NEW Tablet will work in ALL 50 USA States and Canada

Your NEW Tablet will work in ALL 50 USA States and Canada

       You asked for NO Contract, NO monthly fees,  FREE  Customer Demographics, and Visitor Statistics! Right on the PC or Tablet.
1. NO Contract !
2. NO Monthly Fees!
3. NO Hidden Fees or costs!
4. CLOUD Service avail.
5. Customer History/Stats included on Host !
6. Photo Option in case of damaged cards !

ID scanning & IMAGE CAPTURE system for  the PC and Tablets.

SEE  "AGE" / TAGS like VIP and Banned Customers.

Prints a VISITOR BADGE optional.

Example Stats page only.
See real time statistics VIEW from ANYWHERE . Like at home SEE what your employees are scanning and how many are in the CLUB or EVENT !! LIVE !!
See real time statistics - SCAN History and M/F  per hr. Day, week, month, year.
*Ask for the M280 & GuardScan  "15 years of Visitor mgt and Age Verification"
We can ship and install 3 days after getting your order Today!
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Touch Screen
& Two Scanners Motorola or SOON
Bluetooth OPTIONS ..
See the BEST ! In
1. Touch Screen option
2. Lobby, Industrial Buildings, Any Business
    needing Visitor Mgt.
Custom reports.....Avail.
4. Pre-registration avail.
5. Pre-Qualify Visitors.
Visitor Badge Printing.
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ATTENTION  ACOP product Customers..  ACOPTEK has recently vacated the New Mexico location and has asked TriCom to no longer try to communicat with the Company. We appoligize and reques6t
Smallest ID Scanner Made today !!